Here is a list of books required by courses in popular departments. This is only a list of the more popular courses and does not represent the entire gamut of courses which can be taken. For all the books listed here try to get the latest editions. Before you check them out, here are a few pointers.

  • Firstly, generally speaking, books are expensive here. So try and get some that you’ll need from India.
  • Also, don’t go overboard in trying to get them. After all, they are readily available here.
  • Finally, there are no guarantees about the lists we’ve provided. They’re only meant to help you. The books used depend on the instructor and may vary from semester to semester.

The best way to find the books you need to bring along is to go to theĀ NCSU bookstore site. On this site select your department. You will see a list of courses for which the corresponding textbooks have been listed by the profs who will be taking them. Some courses may not be listed, for those you can use the listing we have given below.

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