Books for Management courses:

BUS 560
“A framework for Marketing management” by Philip Kotler 2001 edition

ECG 507
“Price theory and applications” by Steven landsburg Fourth edition. This was not available in india last year.

ACC 580
“Accounting, the book” is custom published available only at NCSU bookstores

BUS 500
“Strategic Thinking Executive Perspective” by De Kluyver.
This was also not available there, has to be bought from here and there are several copies in library also.


Books for Environmental Engineering:

CE 573
“Brock Biology of Microorganisms” by Michael T. Madigan and John M. Martinko

CE 574
“Water Chemistry” by Vernon L. Snoeyink and David Jenkins


Books for Chemical courses:

  1. “Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers” Rice & Do. Wiley.
  2. “Molecular Thermodynamics of Fluid Phase Equilibria”, Prausnitz, Lichtenthaler & Azevedo, Prentice Hall.
  3. “Transport Phenomena”, Bird Stewert Lightfoot, Latest edition Wiley. “Mathematical Handbook”, Schwam’s Outline, McGraw Hill.
  4. “A general math book”, Kreyzig
  5. “Reaction Engineering”, Levenspeil


Books for Statistics Courses:

ST 512:
Statistical Research Methods in the Life Sciences by P.V. Rao

ST 521/522:
Statistical Inference by Casella and Berger

ST 552:
A Primer on Linear Models by John Monahan

ST 779:
Measure Theory and Probability Theory by K.B. Athreya and S.N. Lahiri
Probability Theory by P. Billingsley

ST 793:
Essential Statistical Inference: Theory and Methods by Boos and Stefanski

Additional Reading:
Real Analysis: Introduction to Real Analysis by Bartle and Sherbert
Linear Algebra: Linear Algebra by Carl Meyer
Matrix Algebra Useful for Statistics by Shayle Searle

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