International Student – Overseas Health and Travel Insurance

Benefits of Student Cover Insurance plan:-

  • Wide Range of Products

With our tie-up with substantial number of Insurance Companies and Brokers which is why we have plans even with no co-insurance and deductibles (hidden costs).

“We provide insurance as per the university and student requirements
selecting the most effective and appropriate product for the students.”

  • No need of separate travel insurance

All the plans will substitute for travel insurance, covering you from the moment you       leave India, and protecting you, as you travel to your new residence in the foreign land.

“All our plans are accepted worldwide (except the home country). ”

  • 24*7 Claim Assistance

We have dedicated team for 24*7 claim assistance, we work on international time zone.     You can Call, send Email or Chat with us.

We promise to give you solution as soon as possible.”

  • Dedicated Research Team

We have dedicated team for product research which keeps track of the changes in insurance requirements and its viability in
different foreign universities.

“Results of our ongoing research are updated every semester/season.”

List of Insurance Plans accepted at NCSU:

  • $500,000 maximum limit
  • $100 yearly deductible
  • 80%-20% Co-insurance
  • $10,000 Out of Pocket limit

  • $100,000 maximum limit
  • $100 per treatment deductible
  • 100% Co-insurance
  • Travel benefits such as: sponsor protection,  lost baggage, compassionate visit etc.

  • $500,000 maximum limit
  • $500 yearly deductible
  • 80%-20% Co-insurance
  • $10,000 Out of Pocket limit

NCSU International Student Health Insurance waiver guideline

Students can visit the following link for information on the plan and waiver guidelines:-