New Students

Information for New Students

So finally you have been accepted to NC State. If North Carolina State University is the choice you have made, pat yourself on the back and then read on!

The Indian Student Association at NCSU promises to help in every possible way. Please go through the information we have on our website, and do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Once again, we welcome you to NCSU and wish you enjoy your stay here as much as we have enjoyed being a part of the committee.

Here are a couple of links which will help you out in preparing for the trip, sort out issues like “what do I bring along?”, “where will I stay?”, “how is the campus life at NCSU?”, “what books do I need to get from India?” “will someone come to pick me up at the airport?” and the other FAQs.

Please visit our FAQ page to get answers to general questions regarding your education and stay in Raleigh. We have also compiled a list of popular housing options chosen by Indian Grad students and listed the process here

Below is a brief information about the university and the City of Raleigh in general. We encourage you to read up and get familiar with the place before your arrival.

The University

Sprawled over an expansive 2,110 acres on the Raleigh Campus, plus more than 101,000 acres in research and extension farms, forests and facilities throughout the state, our school has it all. The university’s unique research park, Centennial Campus, hosts more than 100 companies and agencies and creates an advanced technology community where university, industry and government partners produce scientific and technical innovations. Located in North Carolina’s capital city,Raleigh, NC State anchors one corner of the Research Triangle Park, which houses more than 140 organizations dedicated to innovative research and development. This fast-growing area consistently ranks as one of the nation’s best places to live and do business.

The City

Raleigh is known as the “City of Oaks” and often is described as “a park with a city in it.” Raleigh was rated a few years ago as the best city to live in the USA. It’s crime, pollution and noise-free! With a population of more than 320,000, Raleigh may be a city, but it lives like a small town, with shaded pedestrian streets, more than 153 park sites, historic cobblestone streets with period lighting and sidewalk cafes. One of the trendiest new parts of town, the warehouse district, is home to several restaurants, nightclubs and arcades. Glenwood South is a vibrant “in” area with singles and has several restaurants and bars, a brewery pub, and condos. Like any other American town, it has its quota of shopping malls, movie plazas, chain-stores etc. You will find trendy restaurants on tree-lined streets, cutting-edge culture with Southern charm, and bustling nightspots. It’s hip, without the hassle.