Campus Life

Life at N. C. State

A question in everybody’s mind before they get here “What will life be like at NC State?” Basically the life out here is very hectic as you have to work on campus for 20 hrs per week then study for your courses submit assignments on time, cook food etc which leaves you with almost no time for Fun!!!!! How you manage your time and do as many things as possible in the time available is up to you. This page just gives a basic description of life out here. This best way to know life out here is to experience it.

Campus Fundae:
There are two main campus areas: Main campus (aka North Campus) and Centennial campus. The main campus is where most students have classes except for students for textiles for whom the classes are held at centennial. This is changing now as the CSC dept has moved its office in the Centennial Campus and so slowly all the CSC classes are being in the Centennial Campus (the Ventures bldg). The main campus is where all the university offices and facilities (library, labs, gymnasium, and bookstore) are located. If you are an RA in ECE or CSC then chances are that your office will be in the Centennial campus (EGRC Building). It is about a mile from the main campus. The Centennial campus is just a couple of years old and it houses research labs, faculty offices (ECE, CSC, atmospheric sciences, textiles) and some private offices (Red Hat, Nokia, ABB etc.). The Centennial Campus is closer (ie walking distance) to most of the off-campus housing complexes like Colonial Arms, Avery Close, Champions Court as compared to the main campus. But both campuses are well connected via Wolfline (NCSU bus service).

Bus Service:
NC State has an excellent bus service called the Wolfline. It runs on all weekdays between 7:00 AM and 2:00 AM and on weekends from 6:00 PM to 2:30 AM during Fall and Spring sessions.During the Fall and Spring semesters the Wolfline consists of ten day routes and two night routes Buses are frequent and can get you to any part of campus. Most students stay close to wolfline routes so that school is just a 10-minute bus ride from home! The only problem is during holidays or when school is closed, during these days even the Wolfline is closed you are left feeling handicapped unless you have your own transport. Also during the Summer session the frequency and hours of operation are reduced.

GYM Facilities
NC State has an awesome gymnasium called Carmichael gymnasium. It has swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, aerobic facilities, badminton courts..(You name it and they have it!!) It is in the main campus. Centennial Campus does not have any such facilities.

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