Food basics:

Its best to cook at home and pray that your cooking skills aren’t part of your death warrant. And then there will be times when you just don’t have time to cook or want to cook. So here is a list of eat outs…

Food Court: 
Location: Next to the library(at the brickyard).
Eats: Burgers, Pizza, Subs, French fries etc.

Fountain Dining Hall:
Location: On Dan Allen
Eats: Menu varies day to day. The food here is a buffet for $4.75. Most off the on-campus students eat here. Good food for non veggie’s and they have great salads and deserts.

Taco Bell:
Location: Talley Students Center.
Eats: Bean Burrito , taco salad , mexican pizza, fries, soup, soda. For non-vegetarian junta, you can have chicken burrito, pork, or beef.

Wolves Den:
Location: Basement of Talley Students Center. Eats: Pizza, French Fries, chicken strips, burgers, salads etc

Shuttle Inn:
Location: Centennial Campus
Eats: Good American stuff like baked potatoes, lasagna, baked beans, carrots, corn, etc. Good Coffee.

Hill of Beans:
Location: Library
Drinks: Gutenberg (Hot coffee), Chilled white Mocha, frappes, capachillo, etc

Bruegger’s Bagels:
Location: Mission valley(avent ferry road) also at Hillsborough St.
Eats:Bagels (Round flavored buns?? stuffed with vegetables/cheese). Good place for breakfast. Opens as early as 5 am.

Golden Dragon: 
Location: Hillsborough Street (across the street from main campus)
Eats: A lot of desis frequent this Chinese (Economic :)). Noodles plain/veg/chicken, Egg rolls, soup, fried rice etc.

Brothers/Two Guys: 
Location: Hillsborough Street
Eats: Italian stuff – pastas and pizzas. (A little more expensive: a meal would cost about 5 to 8 dollars). Don’t try the ice tea here. (Tip: If you are asked what dressing for the salad: say Italian if you somewhat spicy or ranch for the american taste)

Sylvia’s Pizza:
Location: Hillsborough Street
Eats: Awesome Pizza slices, try the cheese pizza also try their specialties feta+tomato+garlic+spinach, barbeque chicken pizza and mozzeralla cheese.

NY Pizza:
Location: Hillsborough Street
Eats: Specially the meat lovers (it has beef) and spinach with cheese.

Burger King: 
Location: Avent Ferry Road. Pretty close to the AFC lab.
Eats: Affordable Burgers, Fries & Soda. Try out the Shakes as well.

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