Groceries Malls:

Location: Avent ferry road.
This place is most popular amongst the desis as it is the closest. It falls on the wolfline bus route. Everything is available here for our daily necessities.

Indian Stores
To go to an Indian store you need a car. I am sure you will be able to find somebody out here who will be willing to help out with this.There are atleast 4 Indian stores besides some Indain restaurants at and around Chattam Square which is about 1/2 hr drive from campus.

Departmental stores/Mall
Location: Blue Ridge Road
All sorts of electrical items right from bulbs to TVs, also sport equipment, shoes, linen, and lots of other stuff. The wolfline has a stop on the blue ridge road.

Better than K-Mart but you need a car to go to this place.

Sam’s Club
All the necessary items are available here at wholesale prices. The prices get cheaper as the quantity you buy increases. But you need someone who is a member and can drive you to the location

Glenwood Mall
One of the biggest shopping complexes in Raleigh. Need a car to get there. Has most of the famous designer labels and shopping chains and you can get everything you want here

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