Q : How do I register for my courses?
A : Refer to Pre-Arrival information.

Q : In some universities they have what is called co-operative engineering program in which the students attend college for the first 9 months and do work in the summer(internship sort of) and earn money to pay for further studies. Do all students get this chance i.e., work in the summer and earn enough money to pay for their forthcoming next semester?
A :
 International students are eligible to participate in the co-op program after a full-time enrollment of at least 9 months (two consecutive semesters) in school. The program allows for work outside the university at jobs that are justifiably related to one’s field of study. The OIS and Co-op office grant CPT or OPT to authorize international students to work off campus. You can find general information about co-ops and internships at http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/current/stuemp.php. Not all students get off-campus internships but many students succeed in getting on-campus jobs in summer.

Q : Can I work off-campus?
A :
 Students on F-1 visas are not allowed to work off-campus. Under extenuating circumstances this restriction may be waived, but only with prior permission from the Immigration and Naturalization Services, and that too only after completing nine months of studies here. The Immigration Department is very strict about permitting F-1 students to work off-campus, even if the situation appears desperate from the point of view of the student. There are some on-campus jobs available for students on a very competitive basis. Spouses on F-2 Visa are not allowed to work under any circumstances.

Q : If I get an admit when should I come?
A :
15 days before the orientation is a good time to come to NCSU. I believe school starts around the 16th of August. Most people without aid get here 2 weeks in advance of the opening date. Those who have aid should come around 4 / 5 days before orientation.

Q : About initial stay whom should I contact or do I have to arrange it by myself?
A :
 MAITRI will provide for your initial few days of stay. You will be picked up from the airport by MAITRI and will be housed with seniors till you can find an apartment and move in. Please stay tuned to this website for more details about this.

Q :Could you just tell me more about how to take courses and more about credits for each level, compulsory courses? (FOR ECE/CSC/CNC/CNE)
A :
There is really just one rule, 2(Minimum) 700 level courses + research credits(if you are on a thesis option) + 500 level courses. Do have a talk with your Graduate Adviser or Director of Graduate Program for more guidance.

Q: On what basis is a student offered a tuition waiver?
A :
 At NCSU, tution waivers are never offered apart from those that come along with a TA/RA.

Q: Weather in NCSU ?
A :
 Weather is warm from April to August/ September. – total summer types. From September till February the weather becomes cooler and one definitely requires sweater, in December and January one requires a thick jacket. More information about the temperature variation is sent to you in the OISSS packet.

Q: Housing : Do Indian students prefer off-campus housing? I heard that the norm is: Cheap = off campus + sharing apartments. Could you provide me with some info on this? i.e. Where do you live and the no of people sharing the apartments + cost per head per month?
A :
Yes, they do prefer off-campus housing. MOST students stay off campus in apartments that are close to school and on the university bus service (WOLFLINE) route. Its easy to get to campus by bus. The number of people in an apartment ranges from 2 to 4. Three or four people in an apt. is common. For more info refer Housing link

Q : Is there any good FAQ site about NC?
A :
 The official North Carolina Website : http://www.state.nc.us/

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