One Bedroom

  1. Pine Knoll Apartments (Rhyne rentals)

    Location: Avent Ferry Road (Right opposite to Avery Close Apartments)

    Rent: $600-700

    Property Managers: Rhyne Management Associates

    Contact: / 919-787-9375

  2. Kensington Park Apartments

    Location: Avent Ferry Road.

    Rent: $800

    Property Managers: Trinity


  3. Ivy Commons

    Location: Avent Ferry Road

    Rent: $500

  4. Parkwood Village Apartments

    Location: Conifer Drive

    Rent: -

    Buses: Not frequent

    Contact: / 919-832-7611

  5. Western Manor (University Housing)

    Location: Avent Ferry Road

    Rent: $800

    Property Managers: NCSU


    Avent Ferry Road has frequent buses throughout the day.

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