Post Arrival Guide(Student ID, OIS Check-in, Utility Connections, Banking, etc)

This is a guiding document, you need not follow the sequence. We felt this is the most appropriate sequence to wrap things up asap..!

0. Pre-Arrival Packing

We recommend you to pack utilities that can last for two days in the cabin bag itself. This would be helpful in case you lose your check-in luggage or if it arrives late. While travelling carry $300-500 as cash & $1000-1500 as travel card or cashiers checks.

1. Leasing Office & Keys.

Get the keys or if lease has not begun yet, let them know you are here and would need the keys asap. Email the leasing office before coming here to let them know about your arrival dates so that they keep your apartments ready. Once you get the keys you can move in to your apartments.

2. Student ID card

Student ID card available at 101 WestDunn BuildingĀ ,Dan Allen Drive. IDĀ cards can also be taken from Talley Student Union building in Main Campus

You need your passport and i-20 for the student ID Card. They will issue you an I-card only if your are enrolled for at-least one course or more.

3. TB Screening Appointment

TB Screening Appointment from Student Health Center(walking distance from WestDunn) (
You would need your Student ID to book the appointment.

4. OIS check-in

You would need your passport, i-20 & i-94(available online now) to complete the check-in process. You do not need your student ID card for it.

5. Bank account

You would need your passport n I-20 to open an account with a US Bank. SSN can be updated later and does not hinder the process in any way. If Student ID is there it would serve as a secondary photo ID and is recommended.

MAITRI recommends PNC Bank for students. After surveying all the bank and the products they offer, our team thought pnc’s account was most suitable for students as it has no maintenance fee or minimum balance or monthly direct deposit requirement for 6 yrs. Furthermore, you are entitled to one free incoming wire transfer from India.

6. Electricity & Water Connection

When you enter your house, even if you do not have electricity/water connection on your name the apartment will usually have them on the name of the leasing office. The leasing office will charge you for the two or three days according to the utility bill before you transfer these utilities to your name. To get electricity you need to call duke energy. PH:+1 (800) 777-9898. No SSN required only passport will do.

Water if its not included in your rent, you need to visit the office downtown to get the connection. No SSn required for the same, just the passport will do if you go to the office in person. You may take a CAT Bus to travel.

We recommend that if your roommates are here, you divide work smartly, so that all of this gets done in time.

7.Phone Connections

The nearest place to get phone connections is Crabtree Valley Mall. You may logon to T-mobile or AT&T websites to look at the monthly plans they offer. Students without SSN or credit history usually use T-Mobile family plan where you can have 4 telephone connections which will in all cost you around $120(~$30/person). AT&T has some similar new plans introduced this year but we are not sure about them so we recommend you to explore.

8. Internet Connection

Internet Connection: (
Time Warner Cables provide internet connection. Go online to explore.

9. GoPass

GoPass: (
It provides free access to most of the buses around the area and can be ordered even when you are in India.

10. Furniture & Mattress

Furniture: OR State Surplus Sale OR University Surplus Sale.
*If you are looking to get a new mattress go for airbed/sleeping bag since old mattress may increase the risk of bed bugs.
Kitchen Appliances: Craigslist OR Walmart
Groceries: Walmart, Indian Store(Around The World, Patel Brothers, etc) & FoodLion

Temporary accommodation is a courtesy provided by seniors. We request you to treat them well, learn about the area as much as you can from them and follow the house rules(wash utensils after use, lock doors when you leave and turn off stoves after use). Once you get the keys to your apartment you should move out so that another student can use the service. You can later get mattresses, groceries, furniture, etc from state Surplus sale or/and Walmart.

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