Accessing your Unity Login:

Your unity id’s are created the minute your status changes to “ACCEPTED” in the Graduate School database. Your unity login consists of maximum 8 letters:

First letter of First name + First letter of Middle name + Six initial letters of Last name.

For eg: My name is Piyush Vimal Agarwal so my unity id would be pvagarwa.
Unity ID : pvagarva
Password : Your default password is a combination of student ID and birth date.
Now if you don’t have a middle name, check out the other combinations here

To test if your ID has been enabled:
Goto MyPack Portal and try logging in with your unity id/password.

Registering courses:

You can register courses as soon as you have got your unity id/password working. Registering courses before arriving itself is highly recommended as by the time you arrive you may find that the courses you want to take are already filled up and no seats are available. You can always drop courses after arriving here if you change your mind.

To register for courses
1) Login to MyPack Portal with your unity id and password.
2) Go to “For Students” tab. Click on “Enrolment”.
3) Select classes to add using the enrollment wizard. We would suggest adding four classes of interest right now since you pay the same fee for 9-12 credits. Its always better to have options since you can easily drop any one of them till “drop date”.
4) Be sure to recheck that your selected classes show in the “My class schedule” tab.
5) In case you want to drop any classes, we would suggest swapping them instead of dropping and adding since there have been cases when students dropped one of the classes but weren’t able to add a new one due to unavailability of seats.

Health related issues:

All of you must have received the list of immunizations from the university. Ensure that you have taken all necessary immunizations otherwise you might end up taking doses here which would incur additional costs. Remember to bring the medical certification or endorsed proof of your completed immunization. This document is important since without it you might not be able to sign up for courses. If you make any cancellations/mistakes/fluid-ink on the medical-record form sent by NC State make sure you get the doctors signature next to it again. We would also recommend you to undergo a complete medical check-up, including eye and dental examinations (since those are not included in the Pearce and Pearce insurance policy).

Health insurance is mandatory at NCSU. You cannot enroll for classes unless you are covered by a health insurance policy. Most of us have the university’s Pearce and Pearce insurance policy and would recommend the same for you.

Do bring your preferred medicines for common ailments like Crocin, Asprin, Vicks, Iodex, cough syrup, anti-vomiting, multivitamins, antacids, eyedrops, eardrops, medicines for stomach aches, headaches, antibiotics for skin diseases and cough etc, as they can be very expensive here and also, you can not buy any medicine (not even a pain killer!) without a doctor’s prescription. Also, be sure to get the prescription for all the medicines that you get along with you to avoid any problems during baggage checks. Besides medicines, we would also recommend you to get 1- 2 spare eyeglasses and/or contact lenses (at least a year’s supply) if required.

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