Student Cover

STUDENT COVER is the premier online destination for Indian students visiting US for education purposes.  Our services are not only comprehensive, but also affordable, and are specially designed to suit the needs of students going to international destinations for Education.

We are the only insurance provider which offers both domestic and International medical cum travel plans for international students. We have developed first of its kind standalone portal for student travelling abroad to different Universities or Countries especially USA, and assisting them in choosing the right insurance plan which will be recognized by the Country or the Universities. Our team is highly trained to offer the very best customer after sale support, as each customer service representative has in-depth insurance product and market knowledge and students would get a dedicated CSU.

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We offer a good range of student overseas education loan as we are associated with popular and recognized banks and financial companies and agencies. We have been guiding students and helping them with and without Collateral Loan with competitive Rate of Interest.

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